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Create Your Own Egg Omelet - Breakfast
Antoine's Cafe

Create Your Own Omelet


Choose any 3 items listed. Any additional items chosen are an additional $1.50 each. Served with hash browns and toast.

Meat Choice:Bacon Ham Sausage Turkey Sausage Extra Item +$1.50
Toppings:Hollandaise Sauce Sour Cream Extra Item +$1.50
Cheese Choice:Cheddar Feta Cheese Goat Cheese Jack & Cheddar Swiss Parmesan Extra Item +$1.50
Vegetables:Alfalfa Sprouts Avocado Basil Bell Pepper Cilantro Green Onion Jalapeno Kalamata Olives Mushroom Ortega Chiles Red Onion Spinach Tomato Extra Item +$1.50
Toast Choice (Choose 1):Wheat Rye Sourdough

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